Upcoming Esports Tournament You Should Pay Attention To

We are right in the middle of the traditional sport’s offseason, which means it’s time for Esports to take over! The international scene is about to start their world tournament and there are going to be some big implications for teams that don’t make it as far as they had hoped. Find out how you can keep up with the Esports tournament and some of the best players in this article!


What is an Esports Tournament?

Esports Tournament

Esports tournaments are competitions where gamers compete against one another for prizes. While there are a handful of different types of Esports tournaments such as the classic 1v1 style, sometimes gamers play with an entire team against another group of players. This can be difficult in games where more than one person is required to work together, but it’s exciting to watch when two teams are intent on beating each other.

Sometimes, one team will dominate over their opponent and win in a landslide, while other times the match goes all the way to the end and both teams are neck-and-neck. These tournaments are great ways for gamers to get in front of a large audience, whether it’s for a prize, bragging rights or simply to promote their favourite game.

In addition, people who don’t normally play video games can watch these tournaments and become fans of their favourite games, which is great for the game developers as well. Regardless of what sort of video game you enjoy, there’s a tournament for you.


Types of Tournaments

It is possible to participate in three forms of Esports competition: team competition, solo competition, and mini-game competitions. The World Cyber Games (WCG) is a great example of a team tournament, while one-on-one competitions like the Evolution Championship Series (EVO) are good examples of solo tournaments. Finally, fighting game tournaments are great examples of mini-game competitions.

Esports tournaments are normally run in a double-elimination format, where only one player will win the tournament. Matches can be played in a best of one, or best of three formats. The former is normally used for less important matches like qualification rounds, while the latter is normally used for more important matches like the later rounds of the tournament.

Top players normally prefer to play best of three games for money tournaments, because it gives them a higher chance of winning. A match’s format can be changed if more players enter the tournament than normal, or for other reasons. Esports games come in a wide variety of forms. Games like DOTA 2, Fortnite, CS:GO, League of Legends, and Overwatch are among the most popular.


Format of an Esports Tournament

The format for an Esports tournament can vary. Some tournaments have brackets, and others are round-robin style. In a bracket, the winning team advances to the following round until only one team remains. A round-robin tournament starts with every team facing off against each other. The results are then recorded. Whichever team has the best W/L ratio will move on to the next round. A tiebreaker will be played if two teams have the same W/L ratio.


How to Watch Esports Online

Watch Esports Online

Watching an Esports game online is possible via streaming services. The mainstreaming service is Twitch.tv. This website can be accessed on a computer, but mobile apps are also available. Fans can’t just watch a game that they want to see. They must be there for the game at a specific time. An Esports game can last for hours, so it is imperative to choose the right one. Those who want to watch Esports online can also check out YouTube, Azubu, Smashcast, MLG, and Ustream.


When are the Upcoming Esports Tournaments?

The International 10 (DOTA 2)

The International 10 (DOTA 2)

The International 10 was supposed to be held in 2020, but due to the Covid situation, it has been delayed to October 2021. The International is the biggest tournament in history, with current prize money of $40 million. The International is held by Valve and it begins all the way back in 2011. The prize pool has been increased from $1.6 million up till the tenth season at $40 million.

Every DOTA 2 player are dying to be able to participate in this biggest international ESport tournament. Not only the prize pool is amazing, but the winners also get lots of benefits from the event sponsors such as role models, and other great benefits. Internationals are held to celebrate the year anniversary of DOTA 2. The International is usually held during the summer break, as it’s more convenient for teams to take a vacation around this time and participate in the tournament.


2021 World Championship (League of Legends)

2021 World Championship (League of Legends)

Next on our list is the 2021 World Championship which will also be held in October 2021. This tournament will be held in Europe and has a prize pool of $2.225 million. League of Legends is among the most prominent ESports games in the world, with millions of players across the world playing it. With 24 teams to be qualified for the main event, it will most likely break the record for having the most number of teams in a League of Legends World Championship. Similar to the above tournament, the League of Legends World Championship also begins in 2011.

However, the prize money for the first season championship is only $98,500. The event has worked so much better than it now has become the most anticipated international tournament for League of Legends.


Major Championships (CS:GO)

Major Championships (CSGO)

Commonly referred to as the CS:GO Majors, is an event introduced by Valve which they act as a group of CS:GO competition events. The upcoming competition, PGL Major Stockholm 2021, will be held in Stockholm from Oct 23 – Nov 7, 2021. Counter-Strike is probably the most classic first-person shooter (FPS) game since computer games were introduced.

The CS:GO game was first released in 2012 and the growth of this game continued with its latest release, CS:GO Counter-Strike Global Offensive. This game has sold over 25 million copies as of 2018, which is a testament to the popularity of this first-person shooting game. The Major Championship, as a CS:GO competition, will be held in three stages. These are the Pre-Qualifiers, the Offline Qualifiers and finally the Major itself.


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There are lots of Esports tournaments that you should watch and place your bets on. In the globe, Dota 2 is the most-watched Esports competition. League of Legends is the second most viewed Esports event.

However, in the future, some other eSport events will emerge that are just as popular as Dota 2 and League of Legends. If you are an active Esports tournament watcher, feel free to place a bet on the upcoming Esports tournament and win huge profits!


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