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For the greatest online fishing games, go no further than me88 PLAY! Fishing games come in a wide variety of styles and genres on our site. Different fish shooting games will really test your skills at hunting down those elusive fish before they get away. Let us guide you to know more about what an online fishing game is, or commonly known as the fish shooting game.


An Introduction To Online Fishing Games

me88play - Online Fishing Game

Fish shooting games are basically a form of arcade game commonly found in online casinos. In these types of games, you will be facing off against fish in the sea or other waters. The goal of the game is to kill or catch the fish as fast as possible, preferably in a short amount of time and with minimal effort, while the fish tries to elude you and avoid your attempts to catch them. The big difference between fish shooting games and ocean fishing is that in the former, the fish are virtual and do not really exist. You will not feel any heaviness of a fish on your line in this kind of game as you would when fishing in real life.

In fact, you can even have the fish talk or make funny gestures at you as an attempt to discourage you from trying to catch them. There are also a number of different kinds of fish that you can catch, from common ones like tuna, salmon, cod, bass, and others to rarer species like whales or sharks.

In many of these games, you can also buy or upgrade your fishing equipment like the cannon, gun, and more. The main objective of the online fishing games is to shoot down and capture those fish and it will convert to coins. The coins will be deposited into your gaming wallet as winnings from the casino game. You can then use those coins to use as bullets to shoot more or withdraw them from the game altogether.


Top 3 Online Fishing Games in me88

In the trusted online casino Malaysia me88 PLAY, you are able to enjoy three different online fishing games. They are developed and provided by the famous developer, Spadegaming.  Listed below is a brief description of each of the three fishing games:

Fishing God

me88play - Fishing God

This fish shooting game is about catching as many fish as you can in a very short period of time. There’s no need to reload for the next shoot like other online fishing games. You just need to wait for the fish to swim close to your fishing net. It only takes a single tap to capture the fish and get money. You can then use those earned coins to upgrade your fishing net.


Fishing War

me88play - Fishing War

This is a very fun and addictive online fishing game that is developed in January 2020. You need to focus on the direction of the bullets, the speed of your shooting, and of course the direction that you want to shoot. The game is very interactive. You can even double up your bullets to catch the fish faster. You will be enjoying the most dynamic and engaging fishing experience ever.

The game is also very challenging because you will need to catch specific types of fish. The game has wonderful graphics, and the gameplay is actually quite addictive. There are plenty of boss levels such as the Wukong, Golden Dragon, Monster Octopus, etc. and they will challenge you to catch fish as fast as possible. Those who enjoy fishing games will find this to be a welcome addition to their library.


Alien Hunter

me88play - Alien Hunter

Last on the list, Alien Hunter is the latest online fish shooting game that is provided by Spadegaming in June 2021. The game features similar gameplay as the above two fish shooting games, but instead of shooting fish, you are now aiming at mammals such as Zebra, Lion, Bear, Elephant, etc. See the full review of Alien Hunter here.

The boss levels on this game feature different types of Aliens that you have to shoot and kill. Different types of Alien Bosses give the player different types of winnings such as the lucky wheel, bombing bonus, and more.


How to Play Online Fishing Games at me88?

me88 offers a variety of methods to enjoy online fishing games. One and the best way is to register an account yourself via the official me88 PLAY website. All you have to do is to register as a new player by clicking on Register on the home page. Provide your personal information and you have to choose a username and password. 

Logging in with your new username and password is possible immediately after registration. You are advised to deposit a fund into your gaming wallet before playing online fishing games at me88 because you will need to in order to start playing.



me88 PLAY is a well-known betting platform for the many online sports bettors and casino lovers in Malaysia. A long-standing platform, it is completely safe to use. For pleasure or for actual money, thousands of individuals use this site to play games.

What makes me88 great is that we always have new and exciting games to offer. Head over to register an account at me88 PLAY now and start playing and winning some money with online fishing games!


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