Spadegaming – Alien Hunter: How To Play and Win

It’s been almost 20 years since Spadegaming entered the online gambling market. They offer a variety of different free-to-play fishing games, and yes, they also have mobile versions available on both iOS and Android platforms. This article will discuss the latest addition to their game library – Alien Hunter: How To Play and Win. It’s an exciting new game that sees you as a member of the navy who must track down hidden aliens using your trusty harpoon gun!


What is Spadegaming?

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Spadegaming has a lengthy history in the online gambling business, as previously noted. They are known for releasing amazing online slot games for both mobile platforms and for PCs with extraordinary graphics and designs. One of their most popular games is Brothers Kingdom. The game was so popular that when it was first released back in November 2018, every online gambling player was looking at every online casino for this particular game.

Needless to say, Spadegaming is one of the top-rated online casino game developers around the globe. They are known for taking security very seriously, and games created by this company are fully licensed in accordance with the rules of the B2C (British Columbia Lottery Corporation) platform. Spadegaming has been around since 2015, but they weren’t that popular until the release of the Brothers Kingdom in 2018. Having only two years of operation, Spadegaming has been able to produce some spectacular games and become a real fan favourite among online players.

The games created by Spadegaming are available at a number of online casinos, and this company is constantly adding new games to its portfolio. In this article, we will look closer at the latest online fishing game, the Alien Hunter. If you are interested, check out more fishing games by Spadegaming.


Introduction to Alien Hunter

Spadegaming - Alien Hunter

The Alien Hunter is a fish shooting arcade game that features Aliens on the reef instead of typical fish species. In line with most other games released by Spadegaming, the Alien Hunter is an excellent 3D game that provides stunning graphics and animations, as well as realistic sounds. The Alien Hunter is a fishing game based on the undersea life on the Coral Reef, however, before you start talking about beautiful sea creatures and great underwater views, we should mention that in this case, we are dealing with a completely different set of sea creatures, the Aliens!

The game was officially launched on the 22nd of June and was developed by a group of game experts, who not only made sure that the game features high-quality graphics and animations, but that there is also a great variety of missions available. So, if those were not enough for you, then let us tell you that there are also quite a few different species of Aliens that you will be able to communicate with once you start playing the game. The whole point of this game is to explore the beautiful underwater world and to learn everything about it while having some serious fun!


The Amazing Gameplay of Alien Hunter

Alien Hunter - Levels

At the start of the game, you are able to choose three difficulty levels: Junior, Expert, and Godlike. The differences between these levels are the capacity of the coin which is at Junior Level, your minimum bet is 0.01 and the maximum is at 1 coin. Next, on the Expert Level, your minimum bet is upgraded to 0.1 while the maximum bet is 5 coins. Lastly, on the Godlike level, you are required to play at an intense level which your shooting coin will be at 1 coin to 10 coins per bullet.


Controls in Alien Hunter Fishing Game

Alien Hunter - Controls

It’s easy to play this game because of the basic controls. After selecting the difficulty level, you are now entered into the game itself. You are able to locate your gun and you may adjust your bet per shoot with the “+” and “-” buttons next to your gun. Next, there are four different types of tools that you are able to use for better gameplay.

Target – Aim and Shoot the targeted creature.

Auto – Choose a specific creature to auto-aim whenever they appear on the screen.

Double – Double up your bullets, double the chances to capture them.

Torch – Manually burn the creatures on the screen.


Special Bonuses in Alien Hunter

Alien Hunter - Special Type

Similar to the previous fishing games by Spadegaming, Alien Hunter also features some special creatures that give unique bonuses when you are able to shoot them down.

Xeno Killer – Drops Infinite Coins.

Turbo Blaster – Gives player free bullets.

Bloodhound – Release a Big Shuriken and take down all creatures on its path.

Bio Crawler – Poisons and Kill every creature near to it.


Boss Levels with Amazing Rewards

Alien Hunter - Boss

There are three different levels that will feature Alien Bosses.  Each level will have the same creature but with different strengths. You can kill each boss by shooting them down rapidly. Each boss that you kill will give you extra coins and special rewards.

Titan Engineer – A Bonus Wheel is rewarded to the player.

Alien Invader – After shooting it down, it will reveal its true form for a big reward.

Stealth Hunter – Defeat the largest Alien down and receive a huge reward.


Hints and Tips to win at Alien Hunter

  1. Practice makes perfect – Practice a lot to control your gun and learn how to shoot enemies effectively. Practising will help you to earn more knowledge and skills when in the game.
  2. Aiming is key – You need to aim at the targeted creature precisely, the more you hit them the easier it is to defeat them. If you are struggling to aim them, try out the target tool that you can use to help you to aim them whenever they are.
  3. Smart shot – Use your smart shot wisely to shoot down large enemies and destroy them within seconds. Do not waste all your bullets on small targets, instead, look for bigger reward creatures such as the Special Bonus Aliens which will benefits you by offering bonus coins.
  4. Special bonus aliens – These special aliens are larger than normal and appear in groups of two or more. Aim them down and shoot them down to gain bonus coins from them.
  5. Fight with strategy – Use your smart shot to destroy the Aliens in one shot and defeat them faster. Always safe enough bullets so you are able to fight and shoot down the Alien Bosses which are very rewarding if you successfully captured them.



In conclusion, this game is fun to play and takes you a few hours to really understand the game. We are very impressed by the graphics of this game; it seems to be more realistic in comparison with other games. We would recommend this game highly for you because the game itself is interesting and the gameplay is just exciting as the graphics are. Not only that, but the fish shooting game is also very rewarding as it provides 96.5% of RTP. 

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