Mega888 Test ID – The Easiest Way to Play Mega888

The Mega888 Test ID is a feature to allow you to play Mega888 without betting real money. With this, players may enjoy all the benefits of playing the game and feel more confident about what they are doing – without risking anything.

Online casino gamers may use Mega888’s famous online casino mobile application on a mobile device to place bets. The mobile app was introduced in Malaysia in the year 2016 and it is now one of the most popular online mobile casinos in Southeast Asia. The mobile casino features lots of interesting slot games and Live table casino games such as live baccarat, blackjack, and more. In order to join and play Mega888, you will need a legit account before start playing. However, there are Mega888 Test IDs that you can use and try out the games before playing them with real money.


What is the Mega888 Test ID?

Mega888 Test ID

The Mega888 Test ID is the easiest way to play Mega888. It is a hexadecimal code that you can enter on the website to play the games with no registration required. The given free account is used by casino companies to test their games before they are released to the public.

The fact that you can only play games that have previously been released is also explained by this. The Mega888 Test ID can also be used as a demo version which means you get to play the games for free. However, you cannot earn any profit from playing games using the given free account.

The main purpose of using the Mega888 Test ID is to help you decide whether or not you like the games before you start playing for real money. You can avoid playing some games in the future if you don’t enjoy them. Another advantage of using the given free account is that you can use it to get free bonuses. Since you cannot withdraw your winnings from the account, Mega888 provides bonuses for players that use their Test ID.


How to play Mega888 with Test ID?

It is really easy to play Mega888 with the test ID. First, you need to download the Mega888 app. Next, log in to the app by using the below details:

Username: test1 – test10000

Password: Aa1234

There are ten thousand different test IDs available for everyone. All you need to do to access Mega888 with test id is by logging in via the above username and password. After login into the game, you are able to try out all of the games available on the casino app. There are more than hundreds of different slot games such as Bonus Bears, Dolphin Reefs, Great Blue, Highway Kings, and more.


Rules for using Test IDs

There are limited Test IDs available so you might want to take note that if one account is being used, another person is not able to use it. As soon as you logged in, you will notice that there are as least 2,000 free credits on the account. You are now allowed to use them freely by playing the games on Mega888. After each account’s credit has been used below 2,000, the next day it will restore its credit to 2,000.

Other than that, you are also reminded that all winnings from the Test ID are not transferred to your real account. To play these games and be able to win, you need to register a personal gaming account and deposit funds into your gaming wallet. You can do this by registering a Mega888 account via me88 PLAY. 



Now you understand what Mega888 Test ID is and how to use it wisely. We encourage you to try out this feature because it is quite useful. We hope you have fun playing Mega888 with free credit!


FAQs about Mega888 Test ID

#1. How To Play Mega888 For Free?

You can play Mega888 for free with a test ID.


#2. How To Use Mega888 Test ID?

You can log in to the app with Username: test1 – test10000. Password: Aa1234


#3. Where Can I Register A Mega888 Gaming Account?

You can register a Mega888 account yourself at me88 online casino Malaysia.


#4. Can I Ask An Agent To Create For Me?

Yes, you may, but keep in mind that most online casino scams are happening between player and agent.


#5. How To Claim Mega888 Welcome Bonus?

You may claim a 168% Welcome Bonus when you register an account at me88 PLAY.


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