How To Win Football Bets: What You Need To Know About The 5 Most Common Bets

The world of betting can be complicated. There are many different bets that people make to place on the outcome of certain events, ranging from sporting matches to elections. The world of online football betting can be even more complicated – there are many different platforms to choose from, all with their own rules and regulations. In this article, we’re going to look at five common football bets – what they are, how to win them, and what you’ll need in order to get the best odds possible.


What is a Football Bet?

A football bet is an option to place a bet on a specific football match’s outcome. There are several alternatives available, so picking the proper one is critical. Here are the top five most popular football wagers, sorted from most popular to least popular.


#1. Match Result/Money Line

Match Result Money line

Placing football bets on a match result is very simple. All you have to do is guess which team will prevail in the game. Simply said, this is the most common is to bet on the side you believe will win the match with the final score. This includes every round occurring during the match which includes extra times and penalty sessions.

For example, Team A is going to compete with Team B in the upcoming match. You are now able to place bets on either Team A is going to be the winner or Team B. This is extremely easy for any sports betting beginner as well as for those who are already familiar with this betting system.

The primary disadvantage of this type of betting is that the odds may not always be good value, particularly if you gamble on a popular favour. It also provides zero protection against the match finishing in a tie – if this occurred, you may still lose your bet even if your team did not lose.


#2. Over/Under Total Goals

OverUnder Total Goals

The second option is to place bets on Goals Over/Under High. A total, often known as an over/under, is a wager on whether the total number of points scored in a particular game will be greater than or less than a certain figure.

For example, the teams playing are very popular and famous in entering many goals, the point value of over/under total goals will be higher in the match. Let’s take a real-life experience, Arsenal vs. Liverpool. The total goals value point is 2.5. You are able to place bets to predict the outcome of the total score of the match is either lower than 2.5, or higher. If the match ended on a 1-1, 2-0, 0-2, 0-1, or 1-0, it is considered as an “under” and you are lost. If, on the other hand, the game concluded with a score of 2-1 or higher, you’ve won the wager.

The best way to place bets on this type of betting is to know each of the teams that are playing and how well do they perform normally. If you think the teams are very good at defending, you should place bets on under total goals.


#3. Full Time Result

Full Time Result

A full-time result bet is the outcome of the match where it begins at 00:00 to 90:00 (or the final whistle). This type of betting provides better odds compared to match results because it only marks the total result of the 90 minutes of gameplay. This is also considered as a simpler method to place a bet on any sports betting platform as you do not have to consider much about the match conditions.

With this sort of wager, knowing the starting line-ups and whether important players are absent due to injury or rest is also advantageous.

However, you should notice that a full-time bet is only valid during the main match. If the teams have a tie score at the end of 90 minutes mark, it will consider as a tie match. Even if the teams have to go through extra time and penalty matches, you are still unable to include the final result as your initial bet.


#4. Correct Score

Correct Score

Do you like to take chances? If you are, you will undoubtedly like accurate score wagers. They ask you to predict the exact score of the match, as the name implies.

These bets are difficult to predict but they pay out generously. The higher the scores, the higher the odds you are going to win. Some of them are even higher than 200x or 400x the bet.

Of course, the soccer odds are determined by the precise score you select. Commonly, you’ll use ratios like 1:1, 2:1, 2:0, and so on. Nevertheless, if you could somehow get anything like 4:3, the payoff could just knock you off your feet!


#5. First Goalscorer

First Goal scorer

One of the most common bets in football is on who will score first. Although the payoff odds are high, there are several ways to win when betting on this game. The idea of placing bets on this type of option is you wager on either which team win score first, or which player will score first.

The odds of a player as a first goalscorer are very high, especially for goalkeepers. However, you did your research and understand the players of the match, you would have a clear idea of which of the players are more likely to score in the game first.



For a lot of people, football betting is a way to have fun and spend your free time with friends. There are 5 most common bets in football betting: who will win the game, is the total score going to be high or low, what is the score of the 90 minutes match, what is the correct score of the match, and who is the first goal scorer. To understand these bets, you have to know when they are worth it and when they are not.


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