Most Common FIFA Sports Bets

For many years, FIFA Sports betting has continued to gain ground in the betting industry. Hence, it’s not surprising to see several players making way to the me88 sports betting category to engage in exciting and hugely rewarding FIFA sports betting. In fact, FIFA has been ranked fourth among sports markets based on total betting volume in recent years.  The increasing growth of FIFA Sports bets can be attributed to various factors. First off, FIFA, as a body, is popular with millions of people being Football lovers. Considering that many have an impressive idea of Football and what could happen in a match, it’s understandable to see several enthusiasts engaging in FIFA Sports bet. 

More so, playing FIFA Sports bet on a reliable online casino is not only fulfilling but rewarding. As a bettor, you can choose from different bets with different odds. However, before settling for FIFA Sports Bets, it’s always recommended to understand the bet you are choosing. If you intend to start gambling on FIFA Sports bets, learn about the most common FIFA Sports Bets herein.


Most Common FIFA Sports Bets

FIFA Sports bets are not as numerous as some other sports betting in the me88 online casino. This is generally the case for FIFA sports betting. However, it remains a unique and enjoyable approach to win huge via sports betting. Below are the common bets you may want to get started with:

Match Winners

Here is arguably the most basic bet to play on me88 sports betting for FIFA sports. This bet requires predicting and selecting the team that will win a match. Submit your preferred choice and stake your wager. If your preferred team emerges victorious, you’ll be rewarded accordingly. Otherwise, the betting household wins.

Total Goals Over/Under

Another popular FIFA Sports bet is the Over/Under for total goals. It’s another straightforward bet in which a bookie provides an estimate of the overall goal (such as 2.5). As a player, you are required to guess whether the total goal will be more than the number given or below it. For instance, you can choose whether the team will score less than two goals or more.


This bet is particularly popular in matches involving an underdog and a team widely considered a favourite to win. In such a situation, players can stake on artificially given disadvantage, meaning handicap. This increases the base odds and ultimately leads to a massive cheque. Otherwise known as Spread, Handicaps are now common in sports betting too.

Correct Score

Playing correct score is a riskier bet on FIFA Sports betting than most. For this reason, you are highly encouraged to be confident to some extent before going for the correct score. By choosing to play the correct score, you are predicting the exact score that a match will end with. You can find the correct score in both the me88 sports and sports betting pool. 


You’ll also find many experienced sports bettors engaging in outrights. This is especially common among those who believe more in long-term betting than match-winners. Otherwise known as outright winners, outright enables players to stake on the winner of a whole competition – and not just a single game. If you are interested to know more about betting sites, feel free to check out our blog post below!

What Makes a Good FIFA Betting Site

What Makes a Good FIFA Betting Site?

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Getting the Best Out of Common FIFA Sports Bets

Understanding FIFA Sports bets to play on me88 sports betting is one thing; getting the best out of it is another. Winning is not all about picking a bet that you feel you can win; you need to be strategic. If you want to stand a better chance of getting something out of your stake, then consider the following tips:

Assess the Team and the Players

Football is teamwork. However, some players are very capable of changing the dynamics of a game for their good. For this reason, you need to investigate the team and the players before making your decision, including the choice of bets. For a start, try to do an extensive search about the team’s recent performances. Also, check their head-to-head and last match against the opponent. As for players that could be the game-changer, check whether they are not injured. View the players’ stats across the season so far and use this set of information to make an informed decision. This gives you a good chance of picking the right bets.

Make Plans

Before the commencement of a FIFA tournament or match, consider doing your research as early as possible. Considering that FIFA events tend to be watched and engaged by many people, there is a good chance of finding useful resources to assist in your endeavours. Try to gather stats and information about the team and each player before the commencement of the competition. The earlier you start, the better.

Budget Management

Here is some general advice for online betting enthusiasts. Whether you choose to engage in slot games betting, sports betting, or live table games, budget management is crucial to taking anything out of betting. To be disciplined in managing your budget, consider setting aside a specific amount of money to be used for betting. You are not to spend more than the amount monthly. Once the set limit is reached, then you stop betting for the month. You can also set a limit for weekly betting. 



From match-winners, the total goal over/under, handicaps to outrights, all the popular FIFA Sports bets are lucrative. The onus is on you to do your research and know what exactly you are betting on. Before choosing a match-winner, try to learn about the team’s performance in recent times and their game-changers. Do the same when predicting the outright winner for a FIFA tournament. If you are going for a handicap or correct score, be reminded that it takes more risk. 

Regardless of your choice, ensure that you plan and be disciplined about your budgets. Once you outspend your budget, take a break from betting, start doing research against your next month’s bet and go again once you have the funds to bet that will not harm your general finances. Good luck!


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