Learn How a Welcome Bonus Works in Online Casino

If you find yourself reading this article it’s likely because you want to know more about online casinos. In this blog, we’ll be discussing what is a welcome bonus in an online casino and how it can be claimed so that the next time you’re searching for online casino games you won’t have to go through all the hassle.


Welcome Bonus Basics

Welcome Bonus Basics

A welcome bonus is an offer that’s given to a new customer in order to encourage them to use the business. The bonus can be monetary, or it can be in the form of something else such as free services.

When a new customer joins an online casino, he’ll often be offered something called a welcome bonus. This is something that’s designed to encourage the customer to enjoy more games or play for larger amounts of money so that the casino can profit from his activity.

If you’re ever hesitant about trying a new casino, just check to see what kind of welcome bonus they’re offering, and you’ll know if the place is worth your time. For example, if you’re a new card player and you want to try out online blackjack, but you aren’t sure if you’ll like it, a 100% matching bonus on your initial deposit is a pretty good deal. You’ll be able to play for a lot longer than you would have otherwise because you’ll have twice as much money to do so.


How to Claim a Casino Welcome Bonus

So, you’ve found out about a casino welcome bonus and now you want to know how to claim it. There are a few methods for claiming your bonus, but ultimately, it’s up to the individual casino how they want to handle this process.

Some casinos will just automatically add the bonus to your account, but in other cases, you may have to fill out a form or provide some sort of documentation to claim your payout. In some cases, the casino will ask that you deposit a certain amount of money before they’ll credit your account, which


What Are the Best Welcome Bonuses in Malaysia?


It is a casino promotion that is made available to new players when they register. One of the best bonuses in Malaysia is from the me88 online casino. Playing online casinos for real money is easy with me88.

me88 Malaysia offers lots of different types of welcome bonuses to all players depending on your favourite types of games. The most interesting bonus is the 168% Welcome Bonus where you are able to claim up to RM1000 when you perform the first, second-, and third-times deposit at the platform.



Deposit % Max Bonus Turnover
All providers except


AllBet, IDN,

918Kiss & MEGA888


1st Deposit 30% MYR 200 16x
2nd Deposit 38% MYR 300 18x
3rd Deposit 100% MYR 500 22x


How to Claim a Welcome Bonus at me88?

You will be eligible for a welcome bonus if you are not a new player and make your first deposit and valid email address. An email will validate your account after the first deposit. To get the bonus, just log in to your gaming account at me88, deposit a fund into your wallet. After that, head over to the promotion page and choose the 168% Welcome Bonus and claim it.

To put it simpler, you are able to claim a 30% bonus up to RM 200 when you perform your first-time deposit which is the highest possible amount. Here are the tips to claim the highest amount:

– 1st Deposit: RM 670 (30% = RM 201)

– 2nd Deposit: RM 790 (38% = RM 300.2)

– 3rd Deposit: RM 500 (100% = RM 500)

– Total Deposit: RM 1960

Please note that you are required to deposit three times in order to be able to claim the full amount of 168%. Also, you are required to contact customer support to claim the second and third bonuses.



An online casino’s welcome bonus should be one of your top priorities. You might be disappointed with some of the casinos which offer no deposit bonus as they are not worth your time and effort. If you have been playing at me88, it is time to cash in the bonus that we have offered to you.

Now you understand the basics of a welcome bonus at online casinos, head over to register an account at me88 Malaysia to claim yours now!


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